#609 HUSH

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#609 HUSH
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#609 HUSH
0.5fl oz/15ml
Also Available #609 HUSH

#609 HUSH


Mellow Peach

This mellow peach shade captures the tranquility of a moment, offering a gentle reminder to pause, reflect, and listen to the whispers of your own soul. Its soothing aura is perfect for casual beach strolls or lazy afternoons spent with a good book.

Color hints: Self-care, Inner harmony, Relaxing spa days


SolarGel™ nail color is a nail polish with 250+ trendy colors, gel-like gloss and long wear time. When used in combination with SolarGel™ Top Coat, the wear time can reach up to 10 days.


Thoroughly clean nail surface with acetone nail polish remover, such as Red Lizard. It will remove oily residues and prepare your nail plate for polish application. Keep in mind that nail polish wear time will directly depend on how carefully you clean the nail surface.

Now, apply the SolarGel™ color in two thin layers. Wait for two minutes to let the surface dry, then proceed with SolarGel™ Top Coat application. To speed up drying, use Kwik Dry drops on SolarGel™ Top Coat.

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