Monomer 16 fl oz/473 ml

Monomer 16 fl oz/473 ml
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16 fl oz/473 ml


What is Pro product?

The Pro product is intended for use in salons or trained personnel.

Who can buy Pro product?

The Pro product can be purchased by any industry professional who has an appropriate education document or certificate.

How to became a Pro?

To register as a Pro user, all you have to do is upload your certificate or diploma as proof.

Monomer 16 fl oz/473 ml

MONOMER 16 fl oz/473 ml

These truly distinctive colors give the nail high definition when combined with a monomer. These polymers will not crystalize in warm, cold, dry, or humid climates. Polymer Dynamite White creates a sharp, competition-quality French manicure look. The finest blend of particles allows for a self-leveling, smooth application that requires little to no filing.