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Nail Serum
Grapeseed Nail Serum
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0.5 fl oz/15ml

Grapeseed Nail Serum

NAIL SERUM 0.5 fl oz/15 ml

A regenerating treatment for the nail plate, cuticles, and nail root (matrix). Its super-light texture contains 100% natural oils and absorbs rapidly into the nail plate and cuticle. After just 20 days of daily use, Nail Serum returns nails to a healthy condition and significantly improves cuticle condition.


Sweet Almond Oil - for moisturizing and nourishing;
Vitamin E - for healing dry and irritated skin;
Grapeseed Oil - for regenerating and strengthening the nail plate.


Apply a drop of Nail Serum to the cuticle area and gently massage using rounded motions until it soaks in.