solargel top coat


0.5 fl oz/15 ml  

Kinetics SolarGel Top Coat brings a scratch-proof gel-like look and superior gloss, lasts up to 10 days and requires no UV/LED light. Should be used with SolarGel professional nail polish.  



nano shark 


0.5 fl oz/15 ml

Emergency Nail Treatment. Instant help for severely damaged nails. 



nano rhino 


0.5 fl oz/15 ml

Instant treatment for soft nails.
A natural keratin and aldehyde treatment for soft and peeling nails. Builds a second “nail layer” to instantly restore durability. 




Nano seal 


0.5 fl oz/15 ml

Continuous therapy for brittle nails. A cocktail of vitamins A, E, B5, and C provides constant moisture to dry and brittle nails and helps restore a healthy condition. 



grapeseed nail serum


0.5 fl oz/15 ml

A regenerating treatment for the nail plate, cuticles and nail root (matrix).