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Strong Base
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0.5 fl oz/15ml


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The Pro product is intended for use in salons or trained personnel.

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The Pro product can be purchased by any industry professional who has an appropriate education document or certificate.

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Strong Base

SHIELD BASE COAT 0.5 fl oz/15 ml

Universal – use in a thin layer or as a builder base;
Strong adhesion – improves  wear time up to 3 weeks;
Smooth result – perfect for ridged & damaged nails;

Strong Base is a medium thick base that can be used in a thin coat or us a builder base. Ideal for building a proper nail shape for ridged or spoon nails.


The removal time of Strong Base is 15 minutes by the traditional method of soaking in Shield Red Lizard gel polish remover. Removal time can vary based on the customer's nail condition and the removal technique.