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Top Coat
Extra Gloss Top Coat
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0.5 fl oz/15ml


What is Pro product?

The Pro product is intended for use in salons or trained personnel.

Who can buy Pro product?

The Pro product can be purchased by any industry professional who has an appropriate education document or certificate.

How to became a Pro?

To register as a Pro user, all you have to do is upload your certificate or diploma as proof.

Extra Gloss Top Coat

SHIELD TOP COAT 0.5 fl oz/15 ml

Glossy – superior shine on any color;
Fast – curing time 30 sec. in LED / 90 sec. in UV Lamp;
No shrinkage – highly compatible with any color coats.

Shield Glossy Top is the final step of the 3-step gel polish system. This product is responsible for the shine and durability of the entire system.

After application, the product has a sticky layer that needs to be removed by using a special solution called Di-Tac cleanser. Glossy – superior shine on any color.