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0.5fl oz/15ml
Also Available #605 EUPHORIA



Candy Pink

You will experience pure joy with Euphoria – this bright pink color adds a touch of playfulness to everyday moments, like the bubbles in a glass of champagne. Just be yourself and don’t overthink anything, enjoy every laugh to the fullest. Wear it to a garden brunch with friends or an evening under the stars, and let Euphoria remind you to savor every precious moment.

Color hints: Blissful moments, Playful nature, Candy


Shield™ gel polish is a line of 250+ modern and highly pigmented colors. These colors provide up to 100% coverage and the application is streak-free.

All Shield™ colors are HEMA free, they are less likely to create skin itching and redness when compared to HEMA containing formulas.

Shield™ signature bottle in black matt coating looks modern and sleek. The hand painted cap represents the actual color and helps locating shades easily.

All 250+ Shield™ colors are available in the Solar Gel™ nail polish line under the same color number and name. We call it the 'Same color' principle.

All Shield™ colors cure in LED, UV/LED and UV lamps.


Prepare the nail surface and apply the Shield™ base coat of your choice. Follow the base coat selector to choose the right base for your nails.

Apply the Shield™ color in a thin layer and cure for 30 seconds in LED or UV/LED lamp, or 90 seconds in UV lamp. Apply a second layer and cure.

Continue with Shield™ top coat application of your choice as the final step.

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