love in the  snow




fall/winter 2017

8 shades inspired by life and desire


Once everything is ready for the celebration, I’m going to dress up for a party tonight. I do not know if I am daydreaming or not, but there’s something special in every sight and sound. This is the time when what’s most important is Nothing But Love – the days are cold, but our hearts are warm. Just a small look back on the year, which has almost ended...

Ready, Set, Snow! This makes me excited for a celebration. I know that in my daily rush I always hurry and look more like an Ice Queen. Don’t get me wrong; Ice is Nice, but tonight I want to be an Ice Breaker and create a wonderful celebration for everybody. Oh, here’s the last gift – Wrap It Up and run to meet your guests, because tonight there will be Love in the Snow. Cheers to the new beginnings! 



There’s something a little less ordinary about Fall/Winter 2017, as the runways saw elements of plastic. If you are wondering about rules, the answer is pretty simple: you can do anything, really, even stuff that might seem to make no sense at first.

Prada was going for the creative chaos of “more is more,” and a classical coat with plastic effects was dreamt up by Valentino, while Andrew Gn was a celebration of the confluence of cultures, combining sartorial polish with a tribal kick. 


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes definition, happening or conducted out of view of the general public:
The behind-the-scenes preparations made the convention a huge success.